Hurricane Bertha set to strike UK

Earlier this week battered the with gusts of more than 90mph, leaving thousands of homes without power Photo: NASA/Reuters

The gorgeous is set to break spectacularly this weekend, with a warning of heavy – at times torrential – rain to come.

Showers are forecast in between sunny spells on both and Saturday, but it is where the worst of the conditions is expected and the day for which the Met Office has issued a weather warning.

As passes through the Atlantic, the knock-on effects could hit Croydon and the rest of southern in the form of heavy rain and winds.

Possible storm tracks for ex Bertha on Sunday.

Possible tracks for ex Bertha on Sunday.

Criag Woolhouse, flood risk manager at the Environment Agency, said on Thursday: “On Sunday and Monday, a combination of high spring tides and strong westerly winds brings a possible risk of flooding to the south-west coast of England and along the Severn estuary, while heavy rain may also lead to localised surface water flooding in parts of southern and central parts of England.

“However, the forecast remains uncertain so we advise people to regularly check the flood risk situation over the next 48 hours.”

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