“In my art I can practice being her.” by @ancient_hearts

“In my art I can practice being her.” by @

In a misty, shadowy near Bocholt, Germany, the is set for a tale, and (@ancient_hearts) is making her art. Not only does find the woods meditative, but they are the perfect backdrop for her fairy tale-inspired images. “Fairy tales are huge here in . It's what your grandparents read to you. It's what you asleep with,” she says. With those images planted before bedtime, Sarah says the primary inspiration for her work is that first moment of wakefulness, when you don't know if you're still dreaming. “The where you wonder, is this magic?” she says. Putting herself in the narrative with her self-portraits also allows her to engage in a deeper level of role-play, letting go of her work week, juggling being an and mom, and immersing herself in an ideal world. “I have a good picture of who I want to be in my head,” she says. “In my art I can practice being her.”
Photo by @ancient_hearts via instagram