IMG_8761A new app aims to make train journeys in and out of easier for commuters.

is a free app that combines information from rail companies with passenger tweets to provide real-time updates on train journeys in and out of the capital.

The aim of the app, which is available on Android and iOS, is to provide more information on services than is available through rail company websites or on station platforms.

By monitoring tweets from passengers, the CommuteLondon team create a service indicator for users.

The app will provide updates on disruptions, cancellations and delays, the chances of getting a seat, passenger comments about particular train services, and information for each end of the journey.

Director Daren Wood says that;

“Commuters deserve the best possible information around their journey, but they're not getting it right now.”

“CommuteLondon lets commuters see what other travellers are saying about their journey and add their own feedback, creating an accurate picture of what's actually going on.”

Summaries of what the train companies are saying are shown directly alongside passenger updates, giving an overall picture of how well services are running and what things are like onboard.

Passengers can also rate every journey they take to help contribute to the data available to other app users.

The makers of CommuteLondon have to introduce further features such as searching the timetable to find out when you're most likely to get a seat or find a train that runs on time.

The app is available on and and you can find out how passengers are rating each train service at