Huge Anti-Brexit Rally To Be Held In Trafalgar Square

EDIT 28 June, 9am. Note that this rally has now been cancelled after the numbers got too large. A re-arranged anti-Brexit march will now take place on 9 July.

Thousands of disgruntled Remain supporters will gather in Trafalgar tomorrow for a . With over a day to go, 51,000 people have clicked Facebook‘s ‘attending' button for the independently organised #LondonStays event. A further 87,000 others have registered interest. It's likely to be the biggest mass gathering in the square for years.

The organisers are keen to point out that this is not about opposition or division, but a call to continue public engagement, encourage positivity and help shape a better future. Nowhere is the word ‘protest' used:

“It would have been easy for this to advocate one particular petition or action, but we believe it's too early for anyone to say what that action should be. Equally, we feel that the genuine Leave needs to be respectfully listened to, understood, and engaged with. Division got into this, and it probably won't help get us out of it.

“To sum up, this event in will be an opportunity to come together, make your feelings heard, begin to build consensus, and hopefully, turn the of the result into positive action.”

The event takes place on 9 in Trafalgar Square, 5pm-9pm. It is part of a series of nationwide events using the name Stand Together.