Debenhams Christmas TV Ad 2017

#YouShall Find Your Fairytale Christmas Part 2 | Debenhams Christmas TV Ad 2017

It’s Ewan McGregor! And he’s here to tell you a story – a classic tale of guy meets girl, or rather guy almost meets girl, then girl loses her shoe and the whole thing goes viral.

It’s Cinderella with a social media twist, and it works quite well. They even have trolls.

As a public safety warning: having a snog in the middle of the street is never a good idea, even at night. I’d say ‘Get a room’, but we could compromise with ‘Get a pavement’.

Let us tell you a story about a boy and a girl who met on a snowy Christmas evening…Love at first sight, a lost shoe and an epic search: it’s the stuff of fairytales. But like all good love stories it was never going to be that simple…