Toys ‘R' Us – Geoffrey The Part Time Reindeer

Geoffrey the Part Time Reindeer ‘R' Us 2017

's reindeer are too busy playing to deliver any gifts, so he calls on Geoffrey the Giraffe to help him with –

Hang on a minute. Santa at Toys ‘R' Us? What about the North Pole? The workshops? THE ELVES?

Sorry, this is too much. Give me a moment to mop up the soggy remnants of my childhood dreams, and I'll be right with you.

Welcome to the Toys ‘R' Us UK ad for 2017… we'd like to tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there was a giraffe called Geoffrey who ran a beautiful Toys ‘R' Us store. It was Christmas Eve and Geoffrey was for someone very special.

There was a knock at the & there was his good friend Santa with his beautiful sleigh & reindeer.

“Come in!” says Geoffrey!

Santa locks his sleigh, goes inside & finds all the presents that he still needs!

Happy he's found everything, Santa has to be on his way.

They go outside & Santa realises all of his reindeer have disappeared!


He looks around confused & through the store he sees that the reindeer are inside playing with the toys!

It's then that Santa has an idea & needs Geoffrey's help… for one only, Geoffrey has to be a part-time reindeer!

With a big gulp & a brave face Geoffrey takes to the sky & helps Santa to deliver all the presents!

As breaks, Geoffrey & Santa return to the store proving that Toys ‘R' Us really is a Magical Place.