Introducing Gravy Song, the first of our three ads. Now we can't stop thinking about gravy. Or singing about gravy! 🍴🏠🌟

Food is . Home is Christmas.

Turkey carvers ready! The second of our three Christmas ads is here 🍗🏠🌟

Food is Home. Home is Christmas.

Introducing Big Sarnie, our third, and final Christmas ad this year. We hope you love it as much as we do. 🥪🏠🌟

Food is Home. Home is Christmas.

Sainsburys: Gravy Song by Wieden+Kennedy

Sainsbury's has invited audiences into the homes of three families to establish what the means to people on a personal level. Evoking a more carefree age symbolised by family, laughter and lashings of gravy, its Christmas campaign aims to celebrate the true of Christmas dinner.