This Christmas End is proud to partner with and Channel 4 to bring you # – a series of films which shine a light on UK homelessness through spoken-word poetry.

In the series, you will hear the inspiring stories of and Danni who have experienced and now escaped homelessness. Our partnership with The Body Shop is helping give more young people like them a brighter future.

Stay tuned as we share more.

Never before have small, individual actions been so powerful. #ActTogether #UnseenKingdoms

The Body Shop and Channel 4: Unseen Kingdoms by TCO London

Marking its first-ever Christmas TV campaign, The Body Shop has teamed up with Channel 4 to illuminate the issue of female homelessness in the UK through the medium of spoken poetry.

‘Unseen Kingdom' shines a light on a hidden world all around us of 110,000 young people who exist in the background shadows of daily , according to 2019 research by Centrepoint.

Showcasing the talent of spoken-word Rasheeda Page-Muir the campaign gives life to this statistic by communicating individual tales of survival such as the story of Jamie who became homeless in her late teens but is now a dancer.