Very excited to share the new official trailer for “Last Fish Finger In The World”. you enjoy it.

LAST FISH FINGER IN THE WORLD Genre: Comedy. Durn'': 32 Mins Approx. The year is 2023, the world is still in rolling lockdowns and has very importantly run out of fish fingers. Or has it?! Slated by the literati for her current not-so best-selling book: ‘'Deceits of A Hermit'', elusive, leather gloved wearing novelist and collector Evelyn Jackdaw is issued an ultimatum by her publisher, come up with something original or else! Jackdaw invites her estranged, dysfunctional and social media obsessed family to join her for some much-needed inspiration by means of a series of games and surveillance. However, what happens next is enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. Her cameras are set, the family safely distanced, the bait- the last fish finger in the world! Cast Carolyn Pertwee, Anne Rutter, Gregory Cox, Miller, Fisher-Becker, Lizzie Thiel, , Hilary Field, Edmund Dehn, , Rosemary Smith, Mansel David, Robin Marchal, James Price. Written and Directed by Simon Brandon, ©Simon Brandon, Simon Gibbons and Keith Balderson. With additional technical credit to Lizzie Thiel, Mansel David, Simon Fisher-Becker, Robin Marchal and James Price.