Having a World Cup in December is a bit of a conundrum for marketers. But has decided to just go for broke and fuse the two in this ad tease paying homage to an 1998 World Cup Advert.

Created by , the new 50-second spot shows and his family in the airport departure lounge, preparing for a trip to Paris. Kevin is reading a newspaper and expresses his disapproval over holding ‘a football tournament in December'. He screws up the newspaper and then tosses it away… only for some familiar football characters to use it as a football for a kickabout. Set to the soundtrack of 's A Little Less Conversation, it's full of fun, very silly, and packed with puns on football stars' names, including Macaroony, Beth Swede and Marrowdona.

A football team, A Christmas Carrot and…. A missed flight?