has taken a pretty straightforward approach to its branding in recent years, focusing above all on the quality of its food, and emphasising its support for and Irish farmers. But that doesn't mean it can't be fun and imaginative with it. Last year, they introduced the character of Farmer , which paid dividends. So this year, he's been integrated throughout this year's campaign.

This 60-second TV ad, created with and directed by of , follows , who we hear speak for the first time in his rich Welsh brogue, as he travels across his fields on a tractor to his festive workshop. The spot again showcases the work British farmers do to help make Christmas special and pays tribute to Morrisons' own workers: the “real elves” who help make more than half the fresh food it sells.

The ad finishes with Farmer Christmas proudly explaining that Morrisons is the “only supermarket to be officially approved by me” because of its commitment to British farming, its food makers and its great value Christmas products. The ‘Officially Approved By Farmer Christmas' stamp will be seen throughout the festive campaign in-store and across paid media. This ad is the first in a series of ten Christmas TV ads showcasing Morrisons' fresh food and festive deals to tie in with the World Cup as well as the Christmas period.

The only supermarket to be officially approved by Farmer Christmas