The next microsoft

Think Microsoft and what do you get: old, enterprise, and well behind the times, perhaps? Not if one designer has his way; Andrew Kim may not have a contract with Microsoft, but that hasn’t stopped him crafting a whole new branding strategy that ditches the “Windows” pane of today and replaces it with a crisp parallelogram Kim calls the “slate”, […]

Surface by Microsoft

The star of Microsoft’s mystery Monday unveiling has been revealed: Surface, a Windows tablet. “It was always clear that what our software could do would require us to push hardware, sometimes where our partners hadn’t envisioned,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said at the event. “Much like Windows 1 needed the mouse, we wanted to give […]

VMware Release Fusion 4 for Mac

VMware on Wednesday announced the new VMware Fusion 4 virtualization software for running Windows on a Mac, packing more than 90 new features including a design built specifically for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. VMware Fusion 4 is available now for a promotional price of $49.99, and is optimized for today’s multi-core Macs, as well […]

Adobe Launch Carousel

What is Adobe Carousel? Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to keep track of the photos stashed on all of the devices that you and your family own? Adobe Carousel gives you a new way to enjoy your photos, making all of them available across your Mac and iOS devices*, so you can browse, enhance, […]

Microsoft demonstrates Windows 8 with HTML5 apps

Microsoft has provided a look at how it plans to bring Windows to more mobile devices in the future, leveraging ARM processors and using HTML5 as the basis of a new app platform. As demonstrated at the D9 conference, Windows 8 will deliver a touch-centric new interface for apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript that […]

Windows 7 Asus Eee Slate fail!

Fail why? Here some points; A. It seems in the ads it can only be used landscape, which is probably due to hardware and not Windows 7. B. It’s expensive, at $1,099, the iPad 2 is $499. C. It’s heavy, 1.145KG, also I can’t find the battery life quoted any where, which probably means it’s […]

SOTD: National Rail Enquiries for IE9

At National Rail Enquiries, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries when developing the UK’s number one travel website. When Microsoft approached us to partner in the launch of Internet Explorer 9 which went live this week, we thought it was an opportunity for us to push our boundaries even further. Live departures and arrivals The site […]

Mozilla sets a date for Firefox 4

After 12 betas, 1 release candidate, and more than 10 months of work, Mozilla has determined that Firefox 4 is ready to join the competing high-wire acts of modernized browsers. The company has announced a release date of March 22. The current Firefox 4 release candidate is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. via