Viðrar vel til loftárása – Sigur Rós

Viðrar vel til loftárása from Arni & Kinski on Vimeo. The first music video we did for Sigur Rós. Filmed in Hvalfjörður, Iceland (Whalefjord) in july of 2001. My favourite video ever!

Occupy Wall Street poster

Inaugural poster for the Occupy Wall Street protest. The Occupy Wall Street movement, a series of nationwide demonstrations that opposes corporate greed and social inequality, has caught fire in recent days. What started as a single protest in New York City has spread to multiple cities and resulted in hundreds of arrests. via Mashable

Big Ben Has Fallen: The First Big Radio Hoax

“The clock tower, 320 feet in height, has just fallen to the ground, together with the famous clock Big Ben, which used to strike the hours on a bell weighing nine tons,” so proclaimed Ronald Knox in a radio news hoax that predated the famous Orson Wells War of the Worlds stunt by 12 years. […]

First set of DandAD Awards results announced

The D&AD has announced that with over 30 per cent of judging complete, 154 entries have been selected to go into the D&AD Annual – representing the best creative work of the year. Of these, 32 have been nominated for a D&AD Pencil. The winners will be announced at the D&AD Awards Ceremony & Dinner […]

LEGO™ People

People by Numbers

click to download the pdf  Acknowledgments Phil Hawks (Course Leader) Paul Reedman (Proof Reader) The People I Photographed (Who are their own characters, not mine) PreambleBefore the visit to Reading Museum I have to admit I was feeling very flat about the whole thing, having reached saturation point with museums as a child through school […]


The item I have chosen is an umbrella. I found this umbrella on the King’s Road on the ground in the gateway of one of the posh buildings near the University. It was a rainy day, and the umbrella had been discarded – presumably because it was broken. It lay on the ground like some […]

The Conversation presentation

Download video: MP4 format | WebM format | large 120mb zip | small 1.8mb zip The Conversation – focussing on technology by James Balderson The sight of the first microphone makes it look like someone with a sniper rifle. We get the impression this is more than just secret surveillance with a so-called rifle microphone. […]