Happy Meal logo, English
Happy Meal logo, English (Photo credit: )

Designers need to be aware of the world and people around them. I’ve summarized some things important to me right now.

Tesco’s made a £2M profit in my opinion because they reduce quality and call it value, they minimise the prices they pay the farmer, killing the farming industries.

Greener cars, like the new Toyota, using a hybrid engine. 4x4s – a solution for a problem.

in the General Election so that the more closely represents what people voted for, and less game playing about winning constituencies.

I’m all for the campaign for plain English, because many art journals I read are written as if they were medical journals. Computer magazines that use the term “leveraging.” Instead of “use” or “exploit”; “juxtapose” instead of “compare”. More syllables, more noise, less signal.

Bad in daily life, which tries to address a practical issue and fails. False savings that offer a lot with a hidden price. Examples are: Credit Cards and counter fit goods.

All kinds of prejudice and discrimination.

’s School Dinners showed the reality that is in school dinners, and how many feed their own young families the same diet for an easy life, as the children desire the packaging and toys, for example McDonalds ‘Happy Meal’. It showed the affect that an improved diet had on the health and behaviour of children, with one teacher saying that after only days on the diet, the concentration levels and reading ability had noticeably improved, and misbehaviour had noticeably diminished. In Schools with poor quality meals it was inferred that there was pressure on to over diagnose learning and behavioural difficulties to ensure a quieter life. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have used colour packaging to attract young children to their healthier foods.