Q1. What do you consider your greatest achievement to date? 150 words

Obtaining the exam results I need from school and  despite being dyslexic.
Being entered into the National  Calendar Awards by the University.
Getting an interview and positive feedback on my portfolio from the first job I applied for.

Q2. Choose a you love and explain why you love it? 150 words

I choose Creek Audio, because I've had one of their amplifiers since I was a child.
Their logo is timeless and hasn't needed updating since its design in the 's.

As a brand they strive for perfection and self improvement. For example recent new products have pushed they're brand from lower-high-end to mid-high-end in the market place. This was made possible through years of hard work building a strong brand that would be valued by Hi-Fi connoisseurs as well as having a good product.

I follow Creek's ideas of self development, at the moment I'm learning about back end databases for publishing images to a web-site.

Q3. What role does advertising play in the long term development of a brand? 150 words

A lot. Remember “SunnyD” and the where the ‘Snow Man' turned orange and then in reality so did a kid through drinking too much SunnyD? Soon after that after the tabloids had given it such a going over, that product is now never heard from.

Adverts have taken brands like ‘TomTom‘ from start up in a few years to the largest selling SatNav around in the UK.

Long term, the educational I.T. supplier Research Machines have always pushed the same ‘tag line', ‘Designed for Education', but about 10 years ago they over-stretched them selves and lost a huge amount of their customer base. Ever since they've been trying successfully, to regain they're reputation as the number one educational I.T. supplier.

Q4. How do you think the cultural and social values of the UK have changed in the last 20 years? 100 words

The social values of 20 years ago were as capitalist and as selfish as the UK has ever been as exemplified by the words ‘that little faggot got his own jet air plane, that little faggot he's a millionaire.' (from “Money for Nothing”, Dire Straits, 1985)

The modern value of caring about the world was started 21 years ago in the form of ‘Live Aid', however it was slow to really catch on (much of it was about show and self promotion) and has put back by hysteria about our children and anti-globalisation violence. South recently covered this, by people chanting ‘tha'tok'a'job' (They took our jobs)

Q5. Who is your hero and why?

My hero is Justin from the U.S. version of Channel 4's Queer As Folk. He, like me, he came out in a hostile school, during GCSE. He strongly supports Gay Rights, like me. He works in Graphic Design, like I want to.