Q1. What do you consider your greatest achievement to date? 150 words

Getting an interview and positive feedback on my portfolio from the first job I applied for.

Q2. Choose a you love and explain why you love it? 150 words

Creek Audio, because I’ve had one of their amplifiers since I was a child.
Their logo is timeless and hasn’t needed updating since its design in the ’s.

Q3. What role does play in the long term development of a brand? 150 words

A lot. Remember “SunnyD

Adverts have taken brands like ‘TomTom‘ from start up in a few years to the largest selling SatNav around in the UK.

Long term, the educational I.T. supplier Research Machines

Q4. How do you think the cultural and social values of the UK have changed in the last 20 years? 100 words

The modern value of caring about the world was started 21 years ago in the form of ‘Live Aid’, however it was slow to really catch on (much of it was about show and self promotion) and has put back by hysteria about our children and anti-globalisation violence. South Park recently covered this, by people chanting ‘tha’tok’a’job’ (They took our jobs)

Q5. Who is your hero and why?