Straight out of Compton,
Crazy mutha fucker named Ice Cude,
From a gang called nigga with attitudes,
When called up, I got a sawn off,
Pulled the trigger and bodies are holled off.
You too boy if you fuck with me,
The police are going have to come and get me off of your ass.
That's how I'm going out,
For the punk mutha fuckers that show me now.

Nigga starts to mumble,
They want to rumble,
Mix them and cook them up in a pie like humble.
Go off, on mutha like that,
With a gun that's pointing at your ass.
So give it up smooth theres telling that I'm down for a Jack move.”

“Special rap interlude”

“He's a murder to keep you dancing,
With a crime record like Charles Manson,
My AK is the tool
Don't make me act a mutha fucking fool.
You and me go toe to toe no maybe?
I knock niggas on the box daily,
All monthly and yealy until,
Until thoughs dum mutha fuckers see clearly,
I'm down with a capital C.P.T.
You can't fuck with me,
So when I'm in your neighbourhood,
You better duck,
Because Ice Cube is crazy as fuck,
So when I leave believe I'm stopping,
So when I'm coming back boy.

I'm Str8 Outta Compton,
Str8 Outta Compton.Live from Joe's pub NYC

I think I started this wrong in my notebook because of course I started to write an essay about the semiotics of the song and the performance. Of course after starting this long piece of text about semiotics on , I found out that this method of analysis was designed and meant for our essays and not our reflective journals.

The of the is for to ask ‘Why?'

Reflect on our own and the work of .

So in short! I added Jay Brannan's ‘Str8 Outta Compton' to this after seeing the film ‘Shortbus' a film by John Cameron Mitchell where he plays on of his song ‘ Sodapop'. I looked up Jay Brannan on Google™ and found many of his 's he ha uploaded to DailyMotion™ and this one, I found after lessening to a lot of them was the funniest, so I posted it to this blog, I've been using the as a notebook of this blog.

Why I posted it I think is because of what he sings about makes a lot of sense to me, this attitude that Rappers have not necessarily black ones, is coursing teen to mimic their perceived behaviours. I'm not sore their all this ‘BAD'. This of course is also pushing gun and kniff crime up since it's the think to do, carry a ‘tool'. “You've got to go out tooled up”.