Some was nice another to send me some very nice comments about my work, as follows;

From a cute in the drug free zone to where's to website (looking for ways to improve mine,, to the “personal mythology stories” under the “college” section of yours, I have been very impressed.

Really loved the stories of people. Reminded me a little of the “Talk of the Town” section of the Magazine, which gives short, interesting nonfictional anecdotes about random folks' lives that benefit from a slightly whimsical of voice (you'll have to buy a copy of the magazine to know precisely what I'm talking about, the online version does not have this, or at least it is not accessible without a subscription). I think you would be successful at doing a similar series of anecdotes about in Didcot. Or a between a New Yorker type of story and the kind of stories about “Lake Wobegone” that Garrison Keeler tells on NPR radio (available in podcast), but set in Didcot.