Government response to Southern Railways petition

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Remove the franchise for Southern Rail from Govia Thameslink.”. Government responded: Govia Thameslink Railway are delivering plans to reverse decades of under-investment on the rail network. Removing the franchise from GTR will not address the challenges on this part of the network. The challenges of […]

Open Letter: How should we remember the First World War?

2014 marks the hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. Far from being a “war to end all wars” or a “victory for democracy”, this was a military disaster and a human catastrophe. We are disturbed, therefore, to hear that David Cameron plans to spend £55,000,000 on “truly national commemorations” to mark […]

Important Tube strike update

Dear tiredbees, I am writing to share our provisional plans for what we will run on each Tube line during the planned strike action by the RMT union. Travel advice If the Tube strike goes ahead, Tube services will be affected from: • Around 21:00 on Monday 28 April and throughout the whole of Tuesday […]

London Bridge during bank holidays and weekends

Check before you travel to London Bridge during bank holidays and weekends We’re rebuilding London Bridge station until 2018 whilst keeping it open for use. This will involve a rolling programme of service changes on trains operating into London Bridge over weekends and Bank Holidays.When travelling during these times please ensure you check before your travel […]

St Jude Storm – Impact on our customer service

National Rails email explaining Sunday / Mondays service alterations: Hello Many more people than ever before used our services on Monday morning and reported a satisfactory experience, but there were problems encountered by some customers. If you were one of those customers who had difficulty in accessing our information on Monday morning, I am very […]

Open Letter to David Cameron on Web Filtering

Prominent writers warn PM that some people may be denied access to educational sites if his plan for Web Filtering goes ahead. Dear Prime Minister, We are writing to you about your proposals for default filtering of the Internet. You have promised parents ‘one click to protect the whole family’. This is a dangerous and […]

Our rail safety record comes at a cost and we must pay

Readers have been criticising increasing rail fares and the quality of the services provided (Metro, Wed). However, according to Rail magazine, we now have a railway carrying 1.5 billion passengers a year in 24,000 trains a day. These run at an average punctuality of more than 90 per cent, in train fleets that are about […]

Do we ever see any benefit to these rail fare rises?

Regarding the 4.1 per cent average rise in rail fares (Metro, Wed), I have been commuting for three-and-a-half years. It takes me two hours to get to work (including a bus journey and two trains). I have been subject to delays on average three times a week, my rent has increased, train and bus fairs […]