The Ciência Viva

The Ciência Viva project was created to make science and technology closer to the Portuguese people, through a vast network of centers all over the country. The most important for the public, is the Pavilhão do Conhecimento/Pavillion of Knowledge. It is an interactive that aims to show just how fun and interesting science is in all of its variants. There you can feel, touch and explore it, in an area full of extraordinary experiences.

We were asked to create a postcard for the Pavilhão do Conhecimento to wish to all of the European partners. To be able to do that, our idea had to be simple, interactive and in the end, surprising. So we used the Periodic Table of the Elements as an inspiration. By manipulating the order of its elements we were able to create a hidden message, that after a few exposure was revealed by glowing in the dark. It was possible to wish a Merry Christmas and illustrating just how much science can there be in one simple experience.

Agency: Strat, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Director: Palma
Art Director: Tania Carvalho
Copywriter: Ricardo Almeida