FIND, the mapping technology company, announces the launch of – a unique website that makes it possible for members of the public to create and customise their own maps for free. Last year the UK government released numerous datasets to the public, an example being the 's OS OpenData. However, to date the public has not had access to this data in a useful and accessible manner. FIND's Personalise Your website is an exciting development that allows the members of the public to make use of UK government data for their own needs.

The site gives unprecedented access to a range of constantly updated maps and information from respected UK government sources such as , Ordnance Survey and . For the first time users have been provided with a powerful mapping toolset meaning that rather than simply viewing a map users can now customise their own. Maps can be annotated with shapes, text, symbols, styling, and useful measuring tools then saved to PDF in a neat template. The result is customised cartography at no cost. An exclusive feature of the portal is the ability to customise a Map through the ‘Your Google Map' feature. Users have the ability to change the of every feature on a Google map globally to suit their specific requirements and preferences.

Mariam Crichton, CEO of FIND says offers individuals the ability to mark up their own maps and share these with a wider audience. The possibilities of its use are endless, from customising a wedding invitation to sharing the details and the location of a significant local for example the impact of a major incident. The website acts as a powerful tool for communicating mapping information on a global scale”.

Please visit: -ENDS- About FIND Founded in 2006, FIND is a London-based pioneering web-mapping technology company. FIND's first portal,, is a business-to-business mapping site. FIND also offers independent Geographical Information consultancy services, specialising in mapping solutions.

FIND's vision is to make intelligent mapping easy, instant and accessible. Launched in 2011,, provides ‘open data' map access and tools to the general public. Mariam Crichton is the CEO of FIND Mapping Ltd.

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