The Font-Bot Project


When I came up with the Font-Bot Project I was searching for something that I could do, a personal project that would inspire me. So I started brainstorming and what I decided was that I am very much interested in working with type, and I am also a huge fan of . So the idea was to build robots out of type faces and to showcase them and hope that other designers would want to show theirs off as well. As I let the idea simmer a bit, I thought to myself, what good are robots if they aren't battleing other robots. That is where the idea was born. Not only could designers submit their creations, they could pit them against other designers.


  1. All Robots must be built of type alone. (A-Z)
  2. You may reflect and rotate the letters.
  3. You may not distort the letterforms in any way. No squeezing.
  4. You may use as many font families as you wish. No Wingding or symbol fonts.
  5. As souless as it is you may beg for votes on your twitter / facebook.
  6. Any kind of smack talking / showmanship is welcome. Keep it civil.
  7. May the best bot win.

visit the site to so more on how to enter!