has released details of a major upgrade for station which will provide modern facilities and better journeys for passengers.

The upgrade, which is being funded through the government's national stations improvement programme, includes:

  • – Extending the existing concourse to make it easier to move around for passengers, particularly at the busiest times of the day. This will include installing a wider doorway.
  • – Renovating the toilets
  • – Upgrading customer information screens
  • – Providing new retail facilities
  • – Refurbishing the overbridge and stairs to the platforms, plus the staircase to the ticket holder's car park
  • – Extending motorcycle parking and installing double-decker racks to boost bike parking.
  • – Replacing shelters on platforms 1/2 and 3/4.

Mike Smith, Network Rail's route enhancement manager for Kent, said:

“As well as providing a safe, punctual and reliable train service we must give passengers a better journey experience. The upgrade of Sevenoaks station is a big step forward and will make a big difference for the community and businesses in the town who use the railway for thousands of journeys every day.”

The station will remain open to passengers throughout the construction although, passengers will need to use the temporary facilities during some phases of the work. Details of these temporary facilities are being finalised and will be shared with passengers in advance of work starting.

Preparatory work is expected to start in December 2011, with main construction starting in early 2012. All work is scheduled for completion by Summer 2012.

Artist's impression showing how Sevenoaks station will look following a major upgrade of facilities through the National Stations Improvement Programme

Artist's impression showing how Sevenoaks station will following a major upgrade of facilities through the National Stations Improvement Programme

This is all very well but, they've missed off;

  • Wi-Fi, preferably “The Cloud” as the data connection is only at best because the platforms are in a cutting.
  • And fixing the road crossings, a bridge across Tubs or a tunnel with the help of Council, or even just adjusting the traffics lights to favour people on foot, because currently people cross the road towards Hitchen Hatch Lane in the shortest way possible. As there are railings they are forced to walk in the road. Sevenoaks Council should realise you can't change the fact that people on foot will always try to take the shortest possible route, even if it's not the safest.

via National Rail Press Release