In an ingenious TV commercial that we're sure would have approved, British Airways is utilizing the distribution channels of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to extend their rallying cry for a “” at the 2012 and Paralympic Games.

With the now official # hashtag leading the charge, and the soundtrack of The Clash's pop hit “ Calling,” the TV ads not only show a BA plane taxing throughout the UK, but BA's page will allow nationals to add and customize the commercial to include their local addresses. encourages all the UK nation to join the conversation to actually see the plane pass by their homes at #HomeAdvantage

British Airways - Bring a plane down your street

And while the YouTube views at the time of this posting, only tallied 303 views, this was actually made public on the in advance of their UK debut later today, June 19, 2012.

Every extra clap, cheer and whoop we can offer, could make the difference . Win flights for friends and family to the London 2012 Games.

If you're in the UK enter and join in the #homeadvantage at