For its 2013 catalog teaser, IKEA has revealed its adoption of augmented-reality and interactive technology, as a new approach for its future catalogs.

In a bid to take inspiration one-step further, to help people around the world create homes they love—this year, the retailer will be filling the 62-year-old tome with “smart ideas, fun stories and products”.

Users have to download the new (which would be available from 31 July) for their smartphone or tablet, and scan select pages of the 2013 catalog to unlock films, interactive experiences, galleries and other home-furnishing inspiration.

Andreas Dahlqvist, Vice of ad agency New York—the agency that reimagined the catalog—told
Creativity Online that the agency aspired to bring ‘ creativity' to the catalog itself.

“One of the catalog's new main features is an accompanying (soon to launch) visual recognition app that will bring its pages, and the offerings within, to in the form of inspirational videos, stories, ‘x-ray' vision that peeks inside furniture, and more,” Creativity Online wrote.

You could say QR-Codes are out the door.

Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of what IKEA's new catalog would be like:

Every year, the IKEA Catalog inspires people around the world to create homes they love. Now, IKEA is taking the inspiration one step further. This year, the IKEA Catalog is alive with smart ideas, fun stories and beautiful products. Download the IKEA Catalog App for your smartphone or tablet, and scan select pages to unlock films, interactive experiences, photo galleries and more home furnishing inspiration. With this year's IKEA Catalog, there are endless possibilities to make your life at home better.

via IKEA 2013 Catalog