Not to be outdone in the “year in review” space that both Google and Twitter have done, Facebook today launched its own Year in Review page that lists the trends of the year as seen on its site.

Do your own Year in Review with Facebook

Do your own Year in Review with

Among things Facebook lists are the year's top Memes (TBH – to be honest tops the list), the year's top events (not surprisingly, the U.S. Election, which caused me to block many of my FB friends), most listened to (Fun's “We are ”) and other categories.

The site also lets you create your own Year in Review to share with your friends, which calculates your life's highlights for the year based on the number of Likes and Comments that the posts (or uploads) received. In my case, it was basically a lot of of my boyfriend (Simon M. Brandon) and the appearance by my cousin son (Harrison) that was the highlight of my year (at least according to Facebook). Plus all the people posting on my wall for my birthday – which is what your Year in Review will also include.


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