O2Ok O2 has to put it's prices up, that is not really surprising, however as I'm only one month into my two year and I had chosen to stay with as they still had the best deal. Why didn't they just have that correct up front? I'm still paying less than I was on my last two year contract with them, which was £36 a month.

O2 is monthly bills by 3.2 per cent for 7million of its customers from late – and those who want to contracts early will have to pay a fee, which is criminal. There should be an option to null the contract if O2 change it.

Below is the email I received from Telefónica informing me of the changes and how it would effect me;

Your mobile tariff is changing. Here's why

We've always done everything possible to give you great value. And keep your bills down.

To date, we've held off putting our prices up for as long as possible. Even when our competitors have.

But now, because of inflation, we need to change the price of your tariff.

From 28 February your mobile line rental will increase by £0.83 a month to £26.83 a month. That's a rise of 3.2%, the same as the current rate of inflation.

What you pay for making calls, sending texts and using data is not affected by this increase.

You don't need to do anything. You'll see the increase on the first bill you get after 28 .

Kind regards,
Martin Bould
Head of Consumer Marketing
Telefónica UK Limited

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