Diet Coke 'hunk' returns

's famous “hunk”  returns in a TV campaign to mark the soft drink's 30th anniversary in Europe, with a chosen to bare his chiselled torso to admirers for the first time.

The company introduced the Diet Coke break to its advertising in 1994 – featuring female office workers catching shirtless construction worker Lucky Vanous taking an 11.30am break – but has not aired a new “hunk” ad since 2007.

The new campaign features Manchester model , a one-time wannabe singer who released a track in the late 1990s and was briefly represented by Take That‘s former manager . The ad, set to Etta James‘s version of the track I Just Want to Make Love to You, will be released on TV in the in March.

Cooper appears in the TV ad as a gardener joining the ranks of roles the “hunk” has been assigned over the years, including a lift technician, window cleaner and delivery man.

Thank you for Sparkling Together with us for 30 years! Here's our brand new hunky TV advert starring Andrew Cooper as our new Diet Coke Man!

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via The Guardian

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