A man who made his own emotional advert for just £50 last year, putting the likes of John , Iceland and to shame, has just released this year's follow-up version. See where you think this stacks up against the blockbuster Christmas adverts.

Christmas is a time for happiness, love and belonging. We're excited to share this year's Christmas film.

From all of us at Anzara…Merry Christmas! x


Rhys: Kane Surry
John: Petter Lofsgaard
Mum: Linda Beastall
Dad: Mark Murphy


Writers: & Phil Beastall
Director: Phil Beastall
Cinematographer: Phil Beastall
Producers: Fry & Phil Beastall
Production: Anzara Media Ltd
Hair & Make up: Eva-Jean Wright
1st AC: Adam Shaikh
Colourist: James Westlake
Music: Artlist.io

Special thanks:

Dom Burgess
– for kindly donating an assortment of equipment