Cloudy day via Instagram

Cloudy day via Instagram

are gathering inside 's St Pancras International station. Luckily rain is not forecast, but the fluffy-looking arrivals are a piece of public artwork by sculptor and her husband Jorge.

Cloud: Meteoros is part of a new initiative called ‘Terrace Wires' and consists of two large-scale clouds and a group of human figures in different positions over them.

The piece hangs from the roof of the station's trainshed, which welcomes 48 million travellers every year.

The work was commissioned by HS1 Ltd, the company which owns St Pancras . Just like the Rings that the station sported last summer, the new artwork is 15m wide by 3m and is intended to make a lasting visual impact on commuters.

Orta says:

“I hope our , suspended in the midst of this incredible architecture, will be one more way for the millions of visitors to admire the beauty of the space and to take their minds off the mundane.”

Cloud: Meteors will be in place until the end of 2013

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