Olympic Commercial From Norway Is The Greatest Ever

Olympic Commercial From Norway Is The Greatest Ever. Brilliant Norwegian TV commercial ..especially with all the homophobic nonsense happening in neighbouring Russia.

You’ll Never Look At Luging The Same Way Again

Just one day away from the Sochi Winter Games, the world is in furore over Russian laws prohibiting gay “propaganda,” but this Canadian institute reminds us how there is always an exception to any rule. In this hilarious ad by the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion, we are shown how the Olympic sport of luging […]

#LoveAlwaysWins by All Out

A new video is seeking to raise awareness of Russia’s anti-gay propaganda laws by asking what would happen if a gay athlete wins gold at next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi. The two-minute film from campaign group All Out shows a fictional lesbian figure skater emotionally looking at her girlfriend after winning a medal. She […]

Thank you from Transport for London

What follows in an email from Transport for London: Dear tiredbees, By changing the way you travelled, you helped support a great Olympic Games and kept London moving. Without you, the past two weeks wouldn’t have been possible. During the Games, the Tube carried over 60 million passengers, an increase of 30 per cent compared to […]

Waiting for the Olympic Torch by Nick Turpin

Nick Turpin – Street Photographer, starting 19th May has been travelling around the country with Nature Valley, the official cereal bar supplier to the Olympic Games,  photographing people as they wait for the Olympic Torch to arrive in the various major cities. The resulting photos are iconic, capturing the anticipation, excitement and pride of the people […]

Overcrowding at London Bridge station and Cannon Street

Commuters have been urged to avoid London Bridge, one of the hotspot stations during the Olympics. The station is overcrowded with long delays for passengers to get to the trains after a signal failure at Canon Street rail station. Southeastern train services are being diverted to London Bridge and Charing Cross. Transport for London (TfL) […]

London’s Olympic cauldron

LONDON – The very first instruction to designers of London’s Olympic cauldron was a blunt directive: no moving parts. What resulted was an elaborate creation involving 204 moving pieces, each representing the coming together of the competing countries. Creator Thomas Heatherwick said Saturday that test runs on the cauldron were done in secret in the […]