Adam Spreadbury Maher

Adam Spreadbury Maher

The King’s Head Theatre in north London has commissioned a new piece in response to Russian anti-gay propaganda law.

Called Sochi 2014, the play will include verbatim accounts from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Russia and the UK who have experienced oppression.

The play is in reaction to the recent high profile media coverage of the Russian law and calls from campaigners, including Stephen Fry, to boycott the Winter Olympics 2014, which is due to take place in Sochi in Russia.

Critics have said the law, which prohibits providing information about homosexuality to people under the age of 18, could hinder public gay rights event in Russia.

Extracts from the Olympic Charter, press reports and debates around anti-gay propaganda will be included in the piece.

Sochi 2014 will be written by Tess Berry-Hart and directed by Adam Spreadbury-Maher. It will be staged on September 1 and 2.

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