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Since 1954 the two oldest parts of the castle have been Grade I listed buildings: the 11th-century motte with its 13th-century well-chamber, and the 11th-century St George's tower with its crypt chapel and the 18th-century D-wing and Debtors' Tower. The site is protected as a Scheduled Monument.

The prison was closed in 1996 and the site reverted to Oxfordshire County Council. The Oxford Prison buildings have since been redeveloped as a shopping and heritage complex, with guided tours of the historic buildings and open courtyards for markets and theatrical performances. The complex includes a hotel in the Malmaison chain, Malmaison Oxford, occupying a large part of the former prison blocks, with cells converted as guest rooms. However, those parts of the prison associated with corporal or capital punishment have been converted to offices rather than being used for guests. The mixed-use heritage project won the RICS Project of the Year Award 2007.

The Ashmolean

The Ashmolean

The (in full the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology) on Beaumont Street, Oxford, England, is the world's first museum. Its first was built in 1678–1683 to the cabinet of curiosities gave Oxford University in 1677. The museum reopened in 2009 after a major redevelopment. In November new galleries focusing on and Nubia were also unveiled.

Henry Moore

at The Ashmolean

This major exhibition brings together works by two giants of 20th-century western renowned for creating unforgettable images of the human figure. With over 60 works on display – some of them rarely seen in public – this show will present Bacon's paintings alongside Moore's sculptures and drawings to reveal surprising parallels in the work of these two great artists.

Grand old pigeon

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