OK, they might have hit headlines recently with an outtake that accidently seemed to reveal a Palestinian burning (though we all know it was a coincidence, right?) but struck reliable gold with their main spot. Yes, Hannah Waddingham seems to be everywhere right now but it can't be denied this one hits all the right notes. The ad featuring the voices of and Rob McElhenny was a bit of a laugh too, but it felt a bit like a retread of last feel's spot to me with a little added glamour.

M&S Christmas & | 2023 Christmas Advert
M&S Christmas | 2023 Christmas Advert

TODAY'S THE ! Our Christmas Food AD is here, and say HELLO to Right & Left Mitten, also known as none other than Hollywood superstars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney! Festive Fairy has waved her magic wand once again and brought these two new characters to life to bring mischief and fun as they experience an M&S Food Christmas for the FIRST TIME! Because… This is not just Christmas!