Opus No. 5 – NYC Phoneharmonic

Opus No. 5 – NYC Phoneharmonic A wondrous orchestral medley of the iconic ringtones belonging to cell phone companies. cdza. We create musical video experiments. New video every other Tuesday. Download the mp3 here: please hold… http://www.cdzamusic.com http://facebook.com/cdzamusic http://twitter.com/cdzamusic http://cdzamusic.tumblr.com

Sony to buy out rest of Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson announced on Thursday that Sony will buy out the remainder of Sony Ericsson for $1.475 billion. Making Sony Ericsson a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony will allow for better product integration across Sony’s slate of offerings, and will also bolster its patent holdings with ownership of “five essential patent families,” says Ericsson. Sony Ericsson […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ arc

Images credit Sony Ericsson Just moments ago Sony Ericsson announced their very first 2011 product at the Sony press pre-CES press conference in Las Vegas – The Xperia™ arc. This being Sony Ericsson’s first 2011 product it’s also where they’ll take the step to Android Gingerbread and use two very important pieces of Sony technology […]

Leaked videos show Sony ‘PlayStation Phone’ in action

Several videos of prototypes of Sony Ericsson’s ‘PlayStation Phone’ have emerged, giving viewers an early look at Sony’s answer to the increasing popularity of gaming on the iPhone. Leaked photos of the ‘PlayStation Phone’ were published by Engadget in October, but hands-on videos posted to YouTube this week are the best evidence for the phone’s […]

VOTD: XPERIA X10 – Continuous Auto Focus stress test.

In this clip I try out the continuous auto focus while filming in 720 HD. I really put it through a test by just sliding in a close object in front of the far away static scene. These features are added in the update available for XPERIA X10 during the fall of 2010.For more information […]

Fully booked! part 2 – FGW Customer Support

Dear M******, If you would do me the courtesy of reading my email properly you will note that my issue is not what you appear to have assumed. My complaint is that there were no seats available that were not booked. Regard James On 1 Oct 2010, at 21:19, FGW Customer Support wrote: Subject Fully […]

London Paddington station, buses and taxis.

Sent using a Sony Ericsson mobile phone

Too much of this!

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