Christmas is for giving. So this year we’ve taken a ‘DIY’ approach to our Christmas ad and are giving the money we’ve saved directly to our charity partners, Crisis and The Trussell Trust, to help them tackle homelessness and hunger in the UK.

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Papa John’s: Giving More This Christmas

In an effort to raise awareness and support two of the most prevalent issues the UK is currently facing, hunger and homelessness, Papa John’s launched its ‘Giving More This Christmas’ campaign, which sees the pizza delivery chain donating a chunk of their creative and marketing budgets to Crisis and the Trussell Trust.

To put the money which would have otherwise been spent on creative designs and production costs to better use, Papa John’s instead, enlisted help from internal staff to design and create the assets for its Christmas 2020 campaign.

From limited-edition pizza boxes to the creation of its TV advert, the assets include simple hand-drawn and festive illustrations from the Papa John’s team, all printed in black in order for the brand to give more back.

The advert is set to the popular Christmas song, Deck the Halls, and features a simple creative concept, including pizza boxes decorated with marker pens.