A tiny film about a hammerhead shark discovering the wonders of another world that lives just within reach — brought to you by HENDRICK'S GIN. With odd yet marvelous infusions of Cucumber and Rose, HENDRICK'S has long represented a delightful alternative to ordinary gins. We encourage you to escape the conventional and embrace the delectable.

Hendrick's Gin: Hendrick's Gin Curiosity by Quaker City Mercantile

Hendrick's Gin has aired its first-ever television that aims to delight consumers this season.

The short film is a visual fantasy that embodies Victorian surrealism and invites gin drinkers to heed the call of their curiosity. It depicts a butler, who happens to also be a hammerhead shark, at his daily tasks. Intrigued by a martini-glass-shaped crack in the wall, his curiosity helps him discover the secret, magical world of Hendrick's Gin.

Hendrick's Gin: Hendrick's Gin Curiosity by