revived Lord of the Rings's Gollum for an eerie of Theresa May and her plan.

In a sketch titled “LEAKED: Footage From Inside No 10 Downing ”, the actor appeared dressed as May in her signature suit, fixated on her “precious” agreement for the UK to withdraw from the EU.

The clip sees Serkis recreate a famous from The Two Towers, in which the fantasy character's two competing personalities, Gollum and Sméagol, argue – here over whether Brexit is truly in the 's best interests.

“We takes back control – money, borders, laws, blue passportses,” May as Gollum says; before May as Sméagol replies: “No, it hurts the , makes them poorer.”

The actor shared the on with the caption: “We's in a nasty mess my precioussss…and there's only one way out….We wants it. We neeeeds it!”